Professional Data Services

From data collection to analysis to presentation, we can provide you with the intelligence you
need to make grounded business decisions.

Data Collection for Academia and Business

We are experts at data collection and can build robust and scalable systems for
you specific needs.

Machine Learning and AI

Custom machine learning models based on your data for intelligent business direction and engagement.

Data Intelligence & Analysis

Let us discover the intelligence in your data so that you can make sound decisions
based on a grounded mathematical approach.

Visualizations & Storytelling

Nothing drives home understanding like an amazing visualization. We can put your data
into context through visual storytelling so that it has the most impact.
i3 Data Consulting

At i3 Data Consulting, we offer premier data consulting services to business and academic clients who need data analytics, collection, curation, processing, visualization, machine learning, and prediction services. Catering to businesses and academics and researchers in the Phoenix, Arizona area, we have the expertise, education, and experience to provide top-tier data consulting services.

Services We Provide

Data Collection

You can’t make informed decisions without the right data. We can help make sure you are collecting all the necessary data points and set up systems and processes that begin the collection process.
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Processing & Curation

Raw data must be cleaned and processed properly to ensure quality analysis. Let us help you get your data ready for analysis and eventual archiving so that it keeps providing you with insight into the future.
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Data Intelligence

Start using the data you have to glean insights into your customers, research subjects, or business activities. Make decisions based on scientific analysis, stunning and insightful visualizations, and mathematical certainty.
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Machine Learning and AI

Utilizing the latest ML/AI tools, we can build custom models that fit your organization and get you the answers that you need. We can turn these answers into automated behaviors, build them into an application, or simply provide predictive reporting.
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Visualization & Storytelling

A picture may be worth a thousand words but a visual story of your data can be a game changer. We can create graphics, slides, and interactive websites that help your data make a lasting impression on your audience; driving your message home like nothing else.
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Custom Applications

With almost 15 years in the web and cloud engineering industry, we can deliver enterprise-scale applications to suit almost any business or academic need. Custom apps can streamline your workflow and deliver a superior customer experience.
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Bringing Enterprise to You

Data Science for the
Everyday Business

Data science and the sub-fields it contains are an important and growing sector of many businesses. We can bring those tools and techniques to you in an approachable and impactful way.
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Why Would I Need This?

Common Scenarios We Can Help With

Business & Non-Profit

understand your customers

Understand Your Customers

If you run a small-to-medium-sized business with a diverse customer base, you might want to know things like general demographics, amount spent, neighborhood/region, frequent purchases/returns/services, and other customer information and attempt to understand the interplay between each of those variables. We can help collect and analyze this data in a secure and meaningful way so that your business adapts to your customers and you can provide a targeted and tailored experience.

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strategic data mining

Strategic Data Mining

Maybe you are already collecting a significant amount of customer, sales, and service data and have multiple marketing strategies in place but now you need to narrow down and determine which ones are serving your customers and bottom line the best. We can run statistical tests and visualizations on your data to show the avenues that provide the most significant impact on your goals. These analyses can also suggest how critical measures might change with changes to one or more of your business strategies.

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Improve program outcomes

Improve Program Outcomes

As a school or non-profit, you likely run a number of programs aimed at improving the welfare or achievement of those within your organization. As such, you likely have a lot of data, both demographic and results-oriented, that you need to sift through in order to determine what factors contribute most to the successful outcomes that you want. Not only can we help recognize these factors but we can build recommendation systems that take the guesswork out of things like admissions criteria, funding allocations, program placement, and more.

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Academic & Research

data collection for research

Data Collection for Research

If you are an academic or researcher with an ingenious research topic but the task of collecting the necessary data seems insurmountable, let us help. We are experts in gathering, cleaning, and processing raw data for later use in scientific and statistical analysis. Be it a web scraper, social media data collection, data queries or subsets, data conversions/transformations, or almost any other automated data collection method; we can help you succeed.

research support sites

Research Support Sites

Academics and researchers who are passionate about their research often times want to make their data available to other academics and students to explore, learn, and understand. It's one thing to publish in a static paywalled journal, but it's quite another to self-publish an interactive accompanying site that tells the story of your research through visualizations accented with filters, drill downs, callouts, and a guided flow. We can both create and host these sites for you.

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methodology consulting

Methodology Consulting

Research is hard. Publishing is hard. We know exactly how it is because we've been there. It's always nice to have another person to bounce research ideas off of to be sure you don't waste time going down the wrong path. We're here for you! Be it research design, methods procedures, data collection concerns, or anything else in the realm of data and research methods or processes, we can likely help. While our focus is in the social sciences, we can likely offer help in other realms as well.

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Our Process

How We Work Together


We sit together and learn about your business or research and determine the types of data that need to be collected or analyzed. The important thing is that we understand your needs.


The collection phase consists of us setting up the necessary infrastructure and systems to collect the data to address your discovery needs. This could mean something as involved as cloud services or just Excel!

Cleaning & Curation

Data cleaning and curation is critical as it sets the foundation for future analysis. Here, we will identify core data signals and clean and filter collected data in preparation for processing and analysis.


Using the right tools for the job, we will analyze the collected data to provide the best answers and results to the questions and problems identified during discovery. This will include stats and graphs.


Finally, we will meet with you to deliver the data results, assets, visualizations, or applications we have created and go over any questions you may have regarding our process or deliverables.