We are a premier data services provider to business and academic clients who need data collection, curation, processing, analytics, and prediction services.
Data Collection
Our specialty is web and social media data collection but we have the tools to collect vast amounts of high-volume data from almost any source. Be it IoT, sensor data, scraping, streaming metrics, and more.
Processing & Curation
From data transformations and cleaning to cataloging and curation, we can make your raw data usable and ensure archivability. We can handle DTDs, standardization, cleaning, merging, tagging, backup, and distribution.
Data Intelligence
Start using the data you have to glean insights into your customers, research subjects, or business activities. We can create analytic reports and stunning visualizations that give you insights to make data-driven decisions.
Text Analysis
From tone and sentiment to syntax and foreign language analysis, natural language processing can bring insights, at scale, to your research and business needs. Classification and search engines make easy work of contextualizing large amounts of data.
Image Recognition
Custom applications based on image recognition can give you a competitive edge with things like associative marketing and brand/product/class recognition. We can build streams/endpoints that classify images on the fly for immediate data intelligence.
Custom Applications
We specialize in creating cloud-based and scalable applications based on machine learning and data intelligence. API gateways to intelligence backends with multiple real-time signal streams is just the start of what is possible when combining web and ML.

Our Professionals

Our team is comprised of dedicated, experienced, and highly professional experts with years of experience in a variety of fields; both business and academic centric.
Brandon Ching, PhD
With 15 years in web development and cloud technologies, a Ph.D. in Public Policy, and a Master of Computer Science in Data Science, Brandon is ready to help with any solution.

Brandon Ching, PhD


Professional | Experienced | Honest

About Us

We started i3 Data Consulting with the dream of making data-driven decisions accessible to as many businesses, researchers, and decision makers as possible. The world is heading into a new economy where decisions are less about, “gut feeling” and luck and more about data, algorithms, and probabilities. This new world is scary but at i3 Data, we want to help you enter this new economy equipped with the tools and knowledge to solve not only your¬†challenges but some of the world’s biggest problems as well!

Our Values

Why Choose Us

We're not just in it for lulz. We are passionate about data and solving problems. Every problem that we can help solve makes this world a better place.
Our team is very highly educated with multiple advanced degrees in addition to decades of combined professional experience.
From Fortune 500's to startups to prestigious universities, our team has experience in world-class businesses and academic settings.
As we know all too well, data can be used in nefarious ways. We always approach data use and analysis with integrity and a high level of ethics.
Data is our life. We live and breath it. Let us share that passion with you and help you discover what being passionate about data can do for you.

Our Process

  • Discovery
    We sit together and learn about your business or research and determine the types of data that needs to be collected or analyzed. The important thing is that we understand your needs.
  • Collection
    The collection phase consists of us setting up the necessary infrastructure and systems to collect the data necessary to address your discovery needs. This could mean cloud services and streams writing to one or more database systems. Of course, this step may not be necessary if you already have collected data.
  • Cleaning & Curation
    Data cleaning and curation is critical as it sets the foundation for future analysis. Here, we will identify core data signals and clean and filter collected data in preparation for processing and analysis. At this stage, we will also perform curation activities and prepare collected data for archiving and storage.
  • Analysis
    Using the right tools for the job, we will analyze the collected data to provide the best answers and results to the questions and problems identified during Discovery. This might include everything from statistical tests to advanced graphical presentations to complete custom applications that consistently provide assessments to your ongoing needs.
  • Delivery
    Finally, we will meet with you to deliver the data, results, and assets we have created and go over any questions you may have regarding our process or deliverables.

Contact Us

Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.

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