Software, Cloud, & Data Consulting

With over 40 years of collective experience and expertise in web software engineering, cloud architecture,
quality assurance, and product management experience, we offer unmatched consulting services.

Project Planning, Analysis, and Design

We can help plan, scope, and assess software projects to solidify resource, technology, and timeline requirements
of almost any business-critical project.

Software Engineering Process Consulting

We can observe and participate in your software engineering process and make change recommendations
to improve quality, performance, and productivity.

Data Intelligence & Analysis

Let us discover the intelligence in your data so that you can make sound decisions
based on a grounded mathematical approach.

Machine Learning and AI

Custom machine learning models based on your data for intelligent business direction and engagement.
i3 Data Consulting

At i3 Data Consulting, a minority-owned small business, we offer premier enterprise-level web software engineering, cloud application architecture, and data consulting services to clients who need a capable, experienced, and proven technology partner. Having worked in a myriad of industries with over 40 years of collective technology experience, we offer not only technical expertise but human-centric consulting services that focus on delivering contextual solutions for your business goals and the people who help you achieve them. 

We specialize in two consulting tracks: Web Software Engineering & Cloud Consulting and Data Engineering Consulting. On the Web Software Engineering side of the business, we back up our consulting services with 40+ years of collective experience in the software engineering, cloud architecture, product management, quality assurance, and user experience/interface design space. This experience spans multiple industries ranging from entertainment to finance to government to media publishing from startups to fortune 100 companies.

On the Data Engineering side of things, we offer a host of cutting-edge services to business and academic customers including data collection & curation, cleaning, mining, analysis, visualization, predictive services and machine learning models. These services are backed by advanced degrees and peer-reviewed published works in the areas of data science, advanced econometrics, and specialized machine learning training.

Services We Provide

Software and Cloud Consulting

Web Software Engineering

Getting web software right from the start is an incredibly challenging proposition. No matter if you are just getting started or are a few years into development, we can help chart the course or identify problems and inefficiencies while heading off any potential pitfalls.
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Project, Resource, & Infrastructure Planning

If your business is embarking on a new web software project, let us help you get a handle on the planning and scoping of that project so you can hit the ground running with a solid plan for tech and human resourcing.
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Contingency Consulting

If your web software or cloud architecture project is suffering from technical, quality, planning, or personnel problems, let us give fair and objective recommendations on ways to correct course before it's too late. We're kind of like the Bobs only far better!
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Data Consulting

Data Collection & Processing

You can’t make informed decisions without the right data. We can help make sure you are collecting all the necessary data points and set up systems and processes that begin the collection process.
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Machine Learning and AI

Utilizing the latest ML/AI tools, we can build custom models that fit your organization and get you the answers that you need. We can turn these answers into automated behaviors, build them into an application, or simply provide predictive reporting.
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Data Intelligence

Start using the data you have to glean insights into your customers, research subjects, or business activities. Make decisions based on scientific analysis, stunning and insightful visualizations, and mathematical certainty.
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Why Would I Need This?

Common Scenarios We Can Help With

Web Software & Cloud Consulting


Kicking off a New Project

Regardless of industry, nearly every business can leverage new web technologies. If you are thinking about starting or expanding your digital offerings but don't have the in-house expertise to confidently move forward, we can help! Decisions like technology stack, hiring or contracting, project planning, timelines, QA, architecture, support, disaster planning, service providers, and others are incredibly hard to get right without years of industry experience. Let us take the time to understand your business and project and be your experienced technology partner.


Getting Realigned

Software engineering is hard. Getting from idea to plan to implementation to final product is fraught with challenges and pitfalls. Even seasoned technology companies can have trouble navigating these ever-changing waters. If your project is stalled, behind schedule, driving good employees away, or suffering from quality issues, we can help get things back on track. We'll work deeply with managers, product and project teams, engineers, and QA to provide objective recommendations for change and improvement.


Unsure How to Scale

No matter if you are just starting a new digital service/product or you already have one in service, there may come a time when its potential for success makes you worry if your cloud infrastructure is able to scale to meet customer demand. "Scale" is a buzzword with heavy implications but when we talk about scale, we're not just talking about server load and caching; we're also concerned about human scaling! We want to be sure that both your technology AND your personnel can handle increases in new traffic, support requests, bugs, and features.

Data Science & Engineering Consulting

understand your customers

Understand Your Customers

If you run a small-to-medium-sized business with a diverse customer base, you might want to know things like general demographics, amount spent, neighborhood/region, frequent purchases/returns/services, and other customer information and attempt to understand the interplay between each of those variables. We can help collect and analyze this data in a secure and meaningful way so that your business adapts to your customers and you can provide a targeted and tailored experience.

strategic data mining

Strategic Data Mining

Maybe you are already collecting a significant amount of customer, sales, and service data and have multiple marketing strategies in place but now you need to narrow down and determine which ones are serving your customers and bottom line the best. We can run statistical tests and visualizations on your data to show the avenues that provide the most significant impact on your goals. These analyses can also suggest how critical measures might change with changes to one or more of your business strategies.

Improve program outcomes

Improve Program Outcomes

As a school or non-profit, you likely run a number of programs aimed at improving the welfare or achievement of those within your organization. As such, you likely have a lot of data, both demographic and results-oriented, that you need to sift through in order to determine what factors contribute most to the successful outcomes that you want. Not only can we help recognize these factors but we can build recommendation systems that take the guesswork out of things like admissions criteria, funding allocations, program placement, and more.

Our Process

How We Work Together


We sit together and learn about your business and project and determine the types of services that your business needs the most. The important thing is that we understand your needs and goals.


After collecting as much information and context as we can, we'll put together a proposal for what services we can offer that directly address both your immediate and long-term goals.


During the build phase, we will continually have check ins and demos so we can proactively course correct and make sure we're delivering what you need, how you need it.


We'll sit with you and deliver our solution, walking you through all aspects of the solution so you fully understand how it meets your needs. We can also provide training services for individuals and groups.