About Us

Our Professionals

Our team is comprised of diverse, dedicated, experienced, and highly professional experts with years of experience in a variety of fields; both business and academic centric.

It is very rare to have our mix of diversity and experience that comes with decades of combined technology industry expertise. This unique combination allows us to provide perspectives that most others cannot. Analytical and critical thinking skill honed at major research universities. Expert-level technical understanding of software and cloud technologies rooted in some of the largest organizations in the US. Leadership and enterprise-level application development honed through the successful growth and acquisition of startups. These are where our roots lie and we would love to share our expertise to help make your company as successful as it can be.
i3 data team

The Ribyt core team after winning an escape room!

Our History

You may be wondering how such a diverse and experienced group of people got together in the first place. Well, most of us started our professional relationship while working at Ribyt, a SaaS startup in the entertainment event and guest management space. Brandon was the technology lead and employee #2 behind the CEO and was charged with building a team that would plan, build, deploy, and support a brand new custom application that would eventually go on to serve tens of thousands of clients and customers.

Over the next four years he brought on Nick, Gian, and Kelsey (along with a number of others) and the team grew the product into a robust and scalable application used by companies like iHeartRadio, CapitalOne, the NBA, and the NFL. Through the ups and down of startup life, the team grew incredibly close and became great friends. Yet, as all great things often do, the ride of Ribyt eventually came to end with its acquisition by Conde Nast. Shortly after, the team was dissolved but the friendships lasted.To that end, we have made new partners and friends, like Julie and Avery, and together we're hoping to bring the kind of professionalism, passion, quality, and service to our customers that no other software engineering team can.
Founder - Head of Technology

Brandon Ching, PhD

Brandon Ching
Client and Project Manager

Julie Ching, CSPO

Why Choose Us?


Our team has extensive professional experience working with high-profile customers and companies in a multitude of industries.


From Fortune 100's to startups to prestigious universities, our team has experience in world-class businesses and academic settings.


We're straight shooters and will tell it like it is...backed up with evidence and data of course. Trust us to tell you what you need to hear.


Technology and data is our life. Let us share that passion with you and help you discover what being passionate about technology can do for you.
What sets us apart

We have a unique combination of education and experience that allows us to approach problems from a perspective that industry insiders simply cannot. This gives our customers a unique and balanced advantage with insights that are simply unmatched.