About Us

Our Professionals

Our team is comprised of dedicated, experienced, and highly professional experts with years of experience in a variety of fields; both business and academic centric. Primarily run by the founder, Brandon Ching, PhD., we pull in trusted associates and experts on a project basis as necessary to contribute to the quality and expertise of the services we offer.

Brandon Ching, PhD

  • Nearly 15 years in the web software and cloud engineering industry.
  • Nine years as a web software engineer.
  • Four years as an engineering director/manager.
  • Experience in startups and fortune 100 companies.
  • Principal engineer and technology leader of a successful startup that was acquired for millions of dollars.
  • BS Criminal Justice Administration – San Diego State University
  • Master of Public Administration (MPA) – San Diego State University
  • PhD. in Public Policy and Administration – Arizona State University
  • Master of Computer Science (MCS) – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Various certifications including AWS Developer, AI Programming in Python Udacity Nanodegree, GIAC Forensic Analyst (expired), UNIX System Administration (UCSD), and Virtualization Expert.
  • NodeJS, Python, R, PHP and shell scripting expertise.
  • Backend API development in NodeJS, PHP, and various frameworks.
  • VueJS, React, and Angular frontend development.
  • MongoDB, MySQL, DynamoDB, and SQLite.
  • Cloud architecture and managed services experience including AWS and Google Cloud.
  • Tableau, D3, and Matplotlib for visualization.
  • Advanced regression and econometric analysis in R and Python.
  • Text analysis including sentiment and tone using cloud-based NLP.
  • Applied machine learning in Python including neural networks, means clustering, image recognition, regression, and text analysis.

Why Choose Us?


Our team is very highly educated with multiple advanced degrees in addition to decades of combined professional experience.


From Fortune 500's to startups to prestigious universities, our team has experience in world-class businesses and academic settings.


As we know all too well, data can be used in nefarious ways. We always approach data use and analysis with integrity and a high level of ethics.


Data is our life. We live and breath it. Let us share that passion with you and help you discover what being passionate about data can do for you.
Our Philosophy

We're not just in it for the lulz. We are passionate about data and solving problems. Every problem that we can help solve makes this world a better place.